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Bot Detection Tools

bot detection tools

Bot detection tools identify and mitigate bad bots without negatively impacting user experience. They distinguish between human and non-human web activity by establishing a baseline of normal human behavior, recognizing markers unique to bots, and detecting anomalous traffic patterns.

These tools help a website owner protect their site from malicious bots and prevent damage to their business, such as a DDoS attack that overwhelms a website with illegitimate requests until it can no longer respond or is shut down completely. Some tools are designed to recognize a wide range of cyberattacks, while others focus on specific threats like click fraud or iGaming poker bots.

Safeguarding Your Systems: Top Bot Detection Tools for Enhanced Security

Radware Bot Manager is a bot mitigation tool that works to stop bad bots from entering websites, mobile applications, and APIs in real time. It can detect and differentiate between human visitors and bots in a few milliseconds without slowing down user experience, then trigger different responses (show CAPTCHA, block, feed with fake data) depending on the situation.

Hoaxy is a great tool to track bots that spread misinformation, as well as explore how this information is spreading online. It analyzes a Twitter account and cross checks it with its list of followers to assign it a bot type score, and you can also download the results for further analysis.

TitanHQ’s DNS based web content filter and bot detection software prevents data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing attempts and detects memory segments used by malicious processes. It also provides anti-bot functionality and offers a 30-day free trial.

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