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4 Tips For Choosing the Best Truck Bed Mats4 Tips For Choosing the Best Truck Bed Mats

Truck Bed Mats is a great way to protect your vehicle’s vital cargo such as valuable fuel and brake fluids. But do you know which mat is best? A lot depends on the type of use your pickup truck gets. If you drive the truck casually around the neighborhood or do a bit of weekend shopping, a flat, rubber mat with a steel brush backing might be fine for your purposes. However, if you haul a ton of equipment in your truck and it spends most of its time in the garage (or the bed of your truck) then a better option is one designed for heavy use. Read on to learn more about the best truck bed mat for your needs.

Why your need Truck Bed Mats

Best Truck Bed Mat Rubber: Fit all trucks, even the more expensive ones, without an existing heavy duty bedliner. The best truck bed mat has a heavy duty steel brush backing on both sides. The bed liners are made from anodized aluminum so they will withstand a lot of abuse over time. This mat also comes with a hook and loop tape for attaching to the bed as well as side skirts to help protect the paint job. With this mat, you can get the best of both worlds.

Pro Pros: Well cushioned without being too heavy, these mats are a very good choice for casual truck users and for heavy cargo users who need a mat with some give. Some models come with a pop up storage tray, which comes in handy for things like helmets, tool boxes, or other items that don’t fit easily in the bed. Some models also have a rear pop up pocket for quick storage when your truck gets stuck in the mud. These mats have a lot of cons as well.