Washington Physicians Blog Finding Land Surveyors in Phoenix AZ

Finding Land Surveyors in Phoenix AZ

land surveyors in Phoenix AZ

Land surveyors in Phoenix AZ  are needed to locate and mark property corners on a parcel of land. They also provide many other types of services such as topographic surveys, construction staking and As-Built surveys for contractors and home builders. It is important to find a qualified, experienced and reputable professional surveyor. Land surveying is a highly technical & mathematical science that requires specialized training and experience.

A surveyor is a professional that is licensed by the state to perform the work. Often times, surveyors are required to carry liability insurance. The type of survey required by a customer can vary greatly, depending on what their needs are. It is important to understand what the different options are and how much each will cost before requesting a quote.

Elevating Your Project: Topographic Land Surveys for Precision in Delaware”

When choosing a surveyor, it is recommended to choose one who works with a larger, reputable company. This will increase the likelihood that the surveyor has experience in your specific area and is familiar with local laws, codes and ordinances. It will also help keep costs down, as most surveyors charge by the hour and include travel time in their quotes.

The Plat Index site provides access to the location of survey monuments on a map and information about those monuments in relation to recorded documents. This information is based on the ongoing MCDOT Geodetic Densification and Cadastral Survey (GDACS) project.

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