Washington Health System Washington Pediatrics

Welcome to Washington Health System Washington Pediatrics. We are honored that you have chosen our practice to care for your child or children! Washington Health System Washington Pediatrics has been a part of the greater Washington community for over two decades.  Since our beginnings, we have taken great pride in providing the highest quality of care to the children of our region. “We realize that great medical care is worthless unless a child is willing to see you. We also strive to win the hearts of the children we care for, making their doctor visit a pleasant experience.”  From the day your child is born until their nineteenth birthday, we focus on their physical, emotional, and psychological growth. We do our best to provide the complete care to this age group that pediatricians can uniquely offer. This includes caring for children who have chronic conditions as well as those who are generally healthy. All of the doctors in our office are board certified in pediatrics, meaning that they have met and continue to meet rigorous standards that allow them to remain “fellows” in the American Academy of Pediatrics. We hope that you will turn to us first when you seek medical care for your child.


When the office is closed, there is always a pediatrician on call for emergencies.  We share this service with all the pediatricians on staff at Washington Health System Washington Hospital.


In the WHS Washington Hospital, we see newborns every morning, but will come any time of the day or night if a baby needs extra attention.  We also round every day of the year to care for our hospitalized children. 


To answer your questions, our two Dr. Fausts are not related to each other. You can ask them. They managed to grow up in the small town of Washington without ever meeting until both were practicing pediatrics.