Physical Capacity Testing

Company-specific pre-placement “physical capacity testing” (PCT) can be customized to meet each employer’s needs. To ensure that prospective employees are physically capable of performing their job requirements, testing is individualized for the company and the employee’s specific job duties.


Testing is performed by Washington Health System Rehabilitation Services and can be completed the same day a pre-placement physical exam is performed (if one is required).  For companies who require both a pre-placement exam and PCT, a smooth and efficient process exists in which the physical exam is performed at Washington Health System Occupational Medicine and the prospective employee is then seen for PCT by the hospital’s Rehabilitation Services Department.  PCT results are sent directly to the potential employer the same day testing is performed. 


Testing can also be completed when a physical exam is not required and can be arranged by contacting Sue Alrutz, Director of Rehabilitation Services by phone at (724) 223-3279 or by e-mail,