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Radon Mitigation Systems

radon mitigation systems


When considering radon mitigation systems, homeowners should first check the radon levels in their home. These levels may be higher than recommended by the EPA. In such cases, the best solution is to hire a professional mitigation installer. This will save you time and money while getting the right system installed. DIY installation may lead to the same levels of radon as before. Hence, you should choose the most experienced mitigation company for your home.

How to Find Radon Testing Near Me

There are two main approaches to radon mitigation. The first is active soil depressurization, which is applicable to most buildings. Radon enters a building from rock beneath, so mechanical ventilation is necessary. The second, less common, approach involves decreasing air pressures in demising and exterior walls. Radon enters concrete blocks and collects in these spaces. The goal is to keep radon below the negotiated level.

Sub-slab depressurization is an effective solution to remove radon from the soil below the concrete slab. In this method, a hole is drilled through the concrete slab, forming a radon gas collection chamber. The radon gas collection chamber is filled with suction pipes, which continue to the radon vent fan. Alternatively, draintile depressurization works by creating a vacuum in the draintile network, enabling the radon mitigation system to communicate with the soil.

A radon mitigation system can be installed on a single or multiple foundations. The construction of the home may present a number of challenges for the system to collect soil gas. In such cases, mitigation contractors can use multiple systems in the same home. To reduce the size of the system, a single system may be connected to multiple fans. A discharge must be at least 10 feet above grade and away from openings, such as windows and doors.

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