Washington Physicians Blog Shroom Hub, Winnipeg’s Newest Mushroom Shop

Shroom Hub, Winnipeg’s Newest Mushroom Shop

When the world gets too much to bear, taking a handful of mushrooms feels like a gamble—that you’ll roll the dice on all the memories you didn’t know were buried in your filing cabinet and pull out a burst of pure joy. And while mushroom use has long been associated with youth counterculture, medical research suggests that they can help heal mental health issues. URL www.shroomhub.io

In the meantime, many people are embracing the earthy fungi for medicinal purposes and as a meat substitute in their diet. Then there’s the trend of psychedelic mushrooms, a powerful hallucinogen that can take people on a mystical journey through their own thoughts and emotions. The psilocybin in magic mushrooms can trigger an intense sense of euphoria, empathy and connectedness that can make people feel as though they are one with the universe.

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But while government figures show that use of illegal drugs has remained flat over the last decade, there’s a growing fascination with the mushroom as a natural healing agent and spiritual tonic. A number of new stores have opened, selling a variety of mushroom varieties from across the country.

Winnipeg’s latest store, called Shroom Hub, has a minimalist atmosphere, with mushroom art and books on display. The store is only carrying a small amount of products to start in what founder Jason Kagan describes as an experimental phase. He says his customers are mostly millennials who are interested in using mushrooms as a way to connect with nature and to explore their own consciousness.

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