Washington Physicians Blog The Basics of Concrete Repair

The Basics of Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair is the process of addressing cracks and surface damage to sound concrete structures. Unlike rotting wood or corroding metal, sound concrete is relatively strong and durable and, in general, can be repaired without the need to remove and replace the structure. The key to a successful repair is choosing the right method, material and technique for the specific situation. There are a number of factors to consider, including the size and severity of the cracks; the location of the repairs (e.g., on or below ground); and whether the cracks are dormant or active.

The first step in any concrete repair is a thorough inspection to determine the type and severity of the cracks. A qualified inspector should be able to classify the cracking, the cause of the cracking, and whether the cracks are dormant (inactive) or active (dynamic). This will help identify the correct repair method.

Concrete Care 101: Tips and Tricks for DIY Repair Projects

Once the cracks have been classified, the next step is to clean the area prior to the application of any concrete repair material. This is done to ensure that any dirt or debris does not interfere with the integrity of the repair. Additionally, it helps to remove any contaminates in the cracks that could affect the long-term durability of the concrete.

Concrete cracks are caused by an exothermic chemical reaction that starts as soon as the concrete mix is poured. This causes the water molecules in the concrete to evaporate, leaving behind voids in the mass of the concrete. This results in tension and stresses that lead to the formation of cracks. To avoid this, the concrete must be mixed properly and poured at the correct temperature. This helps prevent the development of cracks during the curing phase.

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